Free Services

Not everyone needs the assistance of a professional Realtor, but Team Cattell still has something to offer those sellers who choose to go it alone. We offer professional home photos by a New York Institute of Photography graduate as well as cutting edge 360-degree photography to create high tech virtual tours. These photos and virtual tours will help make sure that you bring out the best your home has to offer and  often cost hundreds to thousands of dollars!

Expanded Marketing


When you are trying to find the right buyer, marketing and exposure is everything. By allowing buyers to view your home via virtual tours, you will increase your homes exposure and increase the odds of finding that right buyer. As over 80% of all home buyers start their search online, you need an edge to stand out. You can accomplish that by adding our virtual tour to your listing on Zillow!

Working For You


Yes, these real estate services are free to you as a "for sale by owner". There is no commitment to sign a traditional listing contract.  If in the future you change your mind and decide the services of a real estate brokerage is something you require, then we hope that we've earned your trust and would look forward to working with you in the sale of your home.